Four moving forward, following living donation

Many children wait months — and sometimes years — for a transplant, but thanks to the generosity of living donors, some kids don’t have to wait. Read about the lives and futures of four children saved by living donation.

Helping Sloan live up to her name

Without Lt. Steve Tenney, 7-month-old Sloan wouldn’t be nursing, beginning to roll over on her own or meeting other milestones. “I did what anyone would have done,” says Tenney, who donated a piece of his liver when Sloan was only 5 months old.

“Sloan means ‘warrior,’” her mom, Sarah says. “We didn’t think she’d need to be a warrior at such a young age — but she showed us she is.” Read more about Sloan’s liver transplant.

Sloan after her liver transplant pictured next to her living donor police lieutenant Steve Tenney

Godzilla-loving Gavin

Monsters make 3-year-old Gavin smile. “He builds LEGO homes with his sisters,” says his mom, Sam. “And then pretends he’s Godzilla and crushes them.” Thanks to Sam’s best friend, Lauren, Gavin’s living donor, the preschooler is mastering more than just building demolition. “He’s grown and learned so much since transplant,” says Sam. “He loves books, and he memorizes them and pretends to read them.” His favorite book? “To Catch a Monster,” naturally. Read about Gavin’s transplant journey.

Closeup of Gavin, a kidney transplant recipient

Mason’s got mountains to climb

Five years after receiving a kidney from his dad, 6-year-old Mason has set a lofty goal: to hike all 48, four-thousand-foot mountains in New Hampshire. He is on his way! This past summer, Mason climbed Mounts Pierce and Eisenhower.

Mason's dad, a living donor, holding his son Mason, pictured on top of a mountain

Taking charge and living large

Since receiving her liver transplant in the summer of 2015, 14-year-old Lydia started high school, has become increasingly responsible for her medication, and loves hanging out with family and friends. As for Dawn, Lydia’s mom and living donor, she misses having her daughter on her bus in the morning, but is happy to report Lydia “always has a smile on her face.” Learn more about Lydia’s story.

Lydia, a liver living donor recipient, smiling

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