Mother’s Day wisdom


With Mother’s Day around the corner, Thriving gathered some words of wisdom, advice and comfort from a few of our moms for you. Wishing mothers and their families a happy and healthy Mother’s Day!

limb-lengthening surgery

Sometimes things can feel overwhelming. And sometimes things just don’t go as planned. But every moment is a chance to start over. Shake off the negative, refocus on the positive, take a deep breath and bravely take that next step. Take time out for yourself. Meditate, do yoga, dance, take a walk — do whatever feeds your soul. Because when the tough times come, you’ll need to dig deep, and the stronger you are within yourself, the more you can be there for your child.

~Jen’s son George had a series of limb-lengthening operations.


It is a very tough journey to go through. But be the strength that your child NEEDS you to be. Be brave. Don’t let your spirit get broken no matter how long and hard the journey seems. Take it one day at a time. Be faithful, and send out positive vibes that all will be well.

~Pasina’s son Malumbo had a life-saving, split-liver transplant.

ear infections

Stay connected! I’ve been so inspired by my own mom and other seasoned moms in my family, and I’ve learned so much from other new moms, who are sharing some of the same joys and challenges. Staying connected to others makes me a better parent, which is a great thing for my son!

~ Erin’s son Henry had ear-tube surgery.

Photo credit: Stacey Guptill
Photo credit: Stacey Guptill

Probably the worst feeling in the world to have when your child is sick is a feeling of helplessness. You feel as though it is all out of your hands, but you need to remember that you have done your job by bringing your child to the best place in the world. You have taken the initial most important giant step.

~Pam’s daughter Maddie had brain surgery for a Chiari malformation.


As a mother, you have hopes and dreams for your children that do not include pain and suffering. No one thinks it will happen to them. Praying and great faith in Boston Children’s made what could have been a nightmare into the quality of life I dreamed about for my son.

~Nicole traveled from North Carolina to Boston for chronic pancreatitis care with her son Bently.


As a worried mother of two children born with a rare congenital heart defect, I spent endless days of feeling alone and cut off from the world of healthy families. This led to long sleepless nights of terrifying Google searches. I finally found what I so desperately needed: a Yahoo group named HeartBlock Kids. It was started by a mom just like me, a mom searching for someone, ANYONE, who could even remotely share in this painful journey. With 10 members, we held onto each other through tearful and heartbreaking fear, grief and loss and became a lifeline, tethering us across time zones. I am the mother I am today because of this family of incredibly resilient, dynamic, loving mothers.

~Tracey has three children with congenital heart disease.