“I love tummy rubs.”

Care Team
(Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children’s Hospital)


Pawprints volunteer

open-quote I’ve been a Pawprints volunteer for almost two years.

My owner thought I was going to get kicked out on my very first visit. There was a little girl who was quite sick. She was 2 or 3 and hadn’t walked for a while. Her Mom had her squeezed between her knees.

I edged up to the little girl, and she draped herself over me. Mom let her go, and the girl started walking with me.

A nurse walked in and shrieked. Uh-oh.

Then she told us the little girl hadn’t walked for months.

Two weeks later when we returned, the same little girl ran down the hallway toward me. Mom told me she hadn’t stopped walking since our last visit.

What else do I like about my job?

It’s great seeing people over time and developing a relationship with kids who are here a long time.

I like to flop over on my back, so kids can rub my tummy. I love tummy rubs.close-quote


care-team-logoCaring for patients is a true team effort. Care Team highlights the dedication of the people throughout Boston Children’s who do their part to comfort and support patient families each and every day.


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