It’s Heart Month: Give your baby’s heart a healthy start

February is American Heart Month. It’s a good time to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your heart healthy. And if you’re expecting, what better time to start thinking about your baby’s heart health?

Find heart problems early

A heart defect can seriously affect a child’s health, but when you find out about a problem ahead of time, you can find the right people to help. The team at the Boston Children’s Hospital Fetal Cardiology Program is experienced in providing the most advanced heart care available. In some cases, prenatal detection of a heart problem can lead to earlier treatment for your baby.

Three questions to ask at your ultrasound

Watch the short video below to learn what to ask at your 18- to 22-week screening ultrasound to make sure your baby’s heart is healthy. If you don’t feel comfortable asking the questions yourself, download the questions and share them with the person performing your ultrasound.


Taking a few extra moments at your ultrasound is an important first step to managing your child’s health. Your baby might not be born yet, but they’re already counting on you.

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