Health headlines: H.C.R and K.I.D.S, team sports improve body and mind?

Health law adds coverage, preventive care for children

Parts of the Affordable Care Act took effect this week. New provisions give parents more control over their child’s health care and stop insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. An Op-Ed piece written by AAP President explains how this can effect kids’ health.

CDC finds racial differences in neonatal mortality from heart defects

A CDC report found death rates caused by heart defects were 30% lower among premature babies born to black mothers compared with those born to white women. However, black infants born at full term had a 20% higher mortality due to cardiovascular defects than their white counterparts.

Team sports may improve teens’ health, study shows

Being part of a team could make teens feel healthier and happier. New survey results show boys and girls who play team sports are far more likely to describe themselves as “in good health” than their non-sports playing peers.