Healthy Family Fun website: you can breathe new life into your kid's asthma management

kid with asthma inhalerJust because your child suffers from asthma doesn’t mean he or she can’t enjoy running, swimming and other outdoor play made possible by the long, bright days of summer! In fact, when done properly physical activity can improve the strength and efficiency of their heart and lungs, as well as their attitude, self-esteem and confidence.

The Healthy Family Fun website, a project of Children’s Hospital Boston and Kohl’s Department Stores providing families with information on how to eat better and get more exercise on a budget, just released some helpful tips on how to get your asthma sufferer off the couch and on the playground. Written by Amy Burack, RN, MA, AE-C and Community Asthma Programs Manager at Children’s, the tips provide practical advice for parents about where, when and how their child with asthma should play outside this summer. It also touches on the importance of an asthma management plan, and how parents can easily create one with the help of their child’s pediatrician.

Washing TomatoesWhile browsing the Healthy Family Fun site, make sure you check out their recent post on the many benefits of cooking with locally grown, seasonal vegetables. Written by Laura Sprauer, a registered dietitian at the Martha Eliot Health Center, the post explains how buying local veggies during their natural growing time can not only save a family money, but also provide opportunities to try new food and avoid the ‘same ingredient burn-out’ which has been known to frustrate parent chefs and kid food critics all over the world.