Healthy Family Fun offers low cost, low calorie recipes and parental advice

Healthy food haters may not really know thier likes and dislikes
Healthy food haters may not really know their likes and dislikes

Did you know people need to try a food ten times before their brain can truly decide whether or not it likes the taste of something? And that’s ten separate trials; you can’t force a dozen forkfuls of a questionable spinach quiche down in one sitting and then swear it off forever.

It may hard news for some picky eaters to swallow, but according to research, human taste buds and brains have to process foods multiple times to fully familiarize themselves with the taste, texture and digestion of a food before they can ‘officially’ make a decision on its taste.

If you weren’t aware of that food fact don’t worry, we learned it from the Healthy Family Fun website, part of a Children’s Hospital Boston campaign to provide families with information on how everyone can eat better, get more exercise and do it all on a budget.

Healthy Family Fun has plenty of low cost, low calorie recipes for the whole family to enjoy
Healthy Family Fun has plenty of low cost, low calorie recipes for everyone in the family.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out this Healthy Family Fun post which offers parents advice on how to get their children to try new, healthy foods, as written by Laura Edwards-Leeper, PhD, staff psychologist, at Children’s One Step Ahead Program. It even has a chart you can print out and keep on the refrigerator that monitors kids’ food choices and helps them determine their true feelings about a food based on the “ten tries to decide” rule.

In addition to great parenting tips for raising healthier kids, Healthy Family Fun offers cost effective, healthy recipes, family centric activities that burn calories and bring everyone together and a database that lists the many resources and programs available in your area which promote healthier lifestyles for the whole family.