Health headlines: touching pet food could hurt kids and Peter Pan syndrome in pedatrics?

Pet food and Salmonella risk
Do your kids help take care of your family pet? You may want to take feeding and treats off the list.

Saying good bye to the pediatrician can be hard
New evidence says more and more children are staying with their childhood pediatrician later into life.

Cake, presents and lead?
Some bounce houses, or castles– the inflatable bouncing rings that are often the highlight of kid’s backyard parties– could contain up to 12 times the federal recommended levels of lead, according to Californian’s Attorney General. The Attorney General has filed a suit against some manufactures and/or retailers of the products.

White children and poor children are at highest risk for ear infections
A study of children in the United States shows white children were more likely to suffer ear infections than children of other racial backgrounds. Children living bellow the poverty level were also more likely to experience ear aches than children from affluent families.