Health headlines: staph infections toughen up, "safe" pipes are a smoke screen and dads at risk for post partum blues too

Here’s some pediatric headlines that caught our eye this past week.

The Washington Post reported that drug resistant Staph infections are on the rise in kids.

The use of hookahs and water pipes has risen as cigarette use has gone down. Some say the perception of water pipes as “safer” is the reason, but as any medical professional will tell you, they’re not in any way a safe alternative.

The LA Times reports on a new, but admittedly still emerging study, which shows 13- and 14-year-olds interact on social network sites in a way that replicates their real life relationships, and that this usage isn’t hindering real life interactions as they grow up.

A new study shows that moms aren’t the only ones at risk for post partum depression. Dads can experience depression following birth, especially when the child is between three months and one year old.

According to a new study, as reported on by USA Today, canned food and beverages could contain an estrogen-like chemical called BPA, or bisphenol A, and the study suggests that pregnant women may want to avoid these products.