Health headlines: Some Brits call childhood obesity abuse, US kids still watch too much TV and therapeutic horseback rides

More teens are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. Prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs rose by over 100 percent in the past decade.

Experts support removing obese children from home. Some child health experts feel that, in some cases, obese children should be separated from parents who aren’t doing enough to help their kids maintain a healthy weight.

CDC study finds some 2-year-olds watch too much TV. A CDC study found almost a quarter of 2-year-olds were exposed to more than the recommend 2-hour limit of TV and screen time. Experts say too much TV is bad for several reasons, including attention span issues and could contribute to obesity.

U.S. sees big increase in prescription painkiller abuse. Over the past 10 years, the abuse of prescription drugs has skyrocketed. New data shows there has been a 400% increase in the number of people admitted to treatment centers for abusing prescription painkillers. Abuse of medicinal drugs is also on the rise among teens.

Equine therapy helps children with autism. A story about an autism patient who’s ‘stims’ — the repetitive hand movements that he and others with autism often do–disappear when he rides his favorite horse at a therapeutic horse riding program.