Health headlines: Recalls, stem cell and food bullies

Agencies warn about the dangers of baby sleep positioners

Infant sleep positioners are under fire for being unsafe, after 12 reported cases of suffocation are attributed to their use in the past 13 years. The products are touted as helping prevent SIDS, though the AAP denies such claims.

Fisher-Price recalls 10M children’s products over safety concerns

10 million Fisher-Price tricycles, toys and high chairs have been voluntarily recalled for safety reasons.

Scientists overcome hurdles to stem cell alternatives

The Washington Post reports that a team led by Derrick Rossi, PhD, has developed a technique that can quickly create safe alternatives to human embryonic stem cells, a major advance toward developing a less controversial approach for treating for a host of medical problems.

Children with food allergies face bullying at school

A new study indicates that almost 35% of children with food allergies face some form of bullying associated with their allergy. In addition to the mental anguish, experts worry that food that could cause a reaction could be used in the bullying.

Weighing the Lives of Babies in Haiti

Children’s Denis Rosen, MD, shares an inspiring account of treating a single, premature baby in Haiti, and weighs in on what else needs to be done for the island, still recovering from January’s devastating earthquake.