Health headlines: new stance on mom-to-be's caffeine intake, kids may get PSTD and for struggling families healthy eating is tough

Study: moderate caffeine consumption while pregnancy is ok. A new study says moderate consumption of caffeine– one cup of coffee or soft drink a day– while pregnant, will not increase the risk of a miscarriage or preterm birth.

Early life traumatic experiences could result in PTSD in young children. Research on kids who’ve survived traumatic experiences, like natural disasters, shows rates of post-traumatic stress and depression is similar to those case rates in adults in the same scenario. Findings also suggest younger children, and females, are more prone to PTSD than boys or older kids.

The drugs your child with ADHD takes, and where he goes to school, are the two most important treatments for his condition. A Consumer Reports Health survey of parents showed medication and schools with a faculty trained to best teach children with ADHD are the best educational tools for children with the disorder.

Healthy food shopping is a struggle for already struggling families. Hear the day-to-day difficulties faced by a financially strapped family from Pennsylvania as they work hard to offer enough nutritious food to feed the whole clan.