Health headlines: more vaccinations needed, ozone sprays add to smoke's harm and does your kid have ADHD or is he just young?

Vaccination effort for US teens needs to be improved. Vaccination rates against tetanus, pertussis and meningitis still isn’t higher than 60% in American teens, the CDC would like to see those numbers approve.

Negative effects of energy drinks make them not worth the risk. Health professionals say caffeine-loaded energy drinks can be dangerous for kids, and may be causing heart arrhythmias and seizures in kids who drink them often.

Many young students may be misdiagnosed as having ADHD. According to a new study, the youngest members of classrooms are 60% more likely as being diagnosed as having ADHD. The numbers suggest that some of the behaviors being displayed by these children may have more to do with their maturity level than behavioral issues.

Committed, intimate teenage relationships have little to no effect on kids’ grades. Teenagers in committed sexual relationships get the same grades as their abstinent peers. However, teens that have casual sex are at higher risk for lower grades, disciplinary action from schools and are less likely to go to college.

Using ozone sprays to mask cigarette smoke may be more dangerous than smoke alone. A combination of smoke and certain chemicals used to mask their scent can result in an ultrafine mist that penetrates the lungs very deeply and could increase the risk of asthma.