Health headlines: More moms need flu shots and sick kids are more likely to attract bullies?

Survey: One-third of mothers plan to skip flu shot for children Almost half of Americans said they won’t get a flu shot this year, and many said they won’t get one for their children either.

Bullying is more likely for youths with chronic illness Teens with chronic illness or disability are more likey to be bullied than their peers.

Early ADHD diagnosis raises depression, suicide risk An ADHD diagnosis for kids age 4 to 6 could be ten times more likely to run the risk of experiencing depression as a teenager. According to the study, these children also were twice as likely to have tried suicide than their peers.

Study: Maternal stress may worsen asthma in younger children

A study from Japan shows mothers who suppress their emotions or experience anger and stress, are at risk for exacerbating the asthma conditions of their children.