Health headlines: More H1N1 news, Down syndrome and smart phones for toddlers

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The Swiss drug maker, Novartis, says it will meet the United State’s H1N1 vaccine order on time and new research shows that people on cholesterol-lowering drugs are twice as likely to survive seasonal flu hospitalizations. The World Health Organization announced, again, that the H1N1 vaccine is safe and that one dose is enough for everyone except children under the age of 10, who need two doses. NPR’s Morning Edition interviewed Children’s experts about what parents should do when they think their child has the flu.stockphotopro_428453AQY_no_title

Does your toddler have enough educational toys? This writer argues you should hand her an iphone. We know that you’re proud of your kid, but could all of that bragging end up hurting them? Down syndrome births are way down in the United States. ABC news explores why.