Health headlines: kids get kidney stones and moms can work guilt free

More kidney stones for kids
In 1999 there were 125 cases of children treated for kidney stones in one of 42 pediatric hospitals in the country. By 2008 that number had skyrocketed to 1,389. A changing and increasingly unhealthy diet is being partially blamed for the increase.

Depending on the child, autism signs could be visible in 1 month olds
Even babies as young as 4 weeks old some may demonstrate signs of autism. But in most cases the signs are very subtle and most likely not recognizable by an untrained eye.

Working moms not hurting their children
Researchers have found moms who work through their baby’s first year of life don’t impact the child’s development.

Counseling at emergency departments helps curb teen violence
Teens who speak with a therapist following being admitted to emergency rooms for fighting or substance abuse, are 76 percent less likely to engage in similar behavior later.