Health headlines: H1N1 news, yoga for kids and peanut-sniffing dogs

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girl makes poses of yogaEducators are turning to yoga to connect with kids, with positive results. Once again, Children’s made the honor roll. We found out that childhood scents occupy a special spot in our brains, and that autistic children often struggle with handwriting.

Many adults, including parents and high-priority adults still don’t have access to the H1N1 vaccine. A new experimental drug, Peramivir, is being used in emergencies to treat patients hospitalized with H1N1. College students don’t plan on getting the H1N1 vaccine and at least 540 children have been killed bystockphotopro_677431VKB_boy_reading_book H1N1 in the United States since April.

Man’s best friend is helping out children in all kinds of ways: Dogs are teaching kids to read and are being trained to sniff our peanut products for kids with allergies.