Health headlines: from social sting to fashion bling- medical alert bracelets get a much needed makeover

Medical alert bracelets are getting a high tech, high fashion make over. Many in the medical community hope these bracelets’ new, customized look and access to digitized medical records will encourage more people to wear them. This could be just thing to help teenage patients— sometimes overly concerned by a med bracelet’s tendency to make them stand out or clash with an outfit— feel more at home in medical alert gear.

It’s pretty easy for doctors to asses whether or not a child’s body is growing typically, but monitoring the brain’s development has traditionally been much harder. Can a new MRI scan help them more accurately identify and treat neurological developmental concerns?

A new study shows the number of children sent to the ER for concussions sustained while playing organized sports more than doubled in the past 5 years. The high numbers have many in the medical community clamoring for stricter rules in school sanctioned sports with physical contact.

Though often labeled as potentially dangerous, extremely low frequency magnetic fields from items like power lines or house hold appliances aren’t likely to increase the risk of brain tumors in children.

Just send a child off to college? You may want to forward them this article on how health care reform will affect them directly.