Health headlines: eye exams could expose abuse, sleep meds for kids and too little melatonin makes for a cranky teen

AAP committee recommends eye exams to spot child abuse An AAP committee is suggesting eye exams be used for some small children who die suddenly, to check for signs of child abuse.

CDC says H1N1 flu strain hit children hardest The ‘swine’ flu outbreak of 2009 was hardest on young children, unlike most flu strains that attack the elderly the hardest.

Survey finds sleep drugs are commonly recommended for children Almost one fourth of child psychiatry patients with insomnia are prescribed sleeping medication despite the fact the treatment hasn’t been approved for pediatric use.

Study links exposure to extended daylight to teens’ bedtime Researchers learned that the prolonged daylight hours of spring seem to offset sleeping patterns of teens, by affecting the melatonin production in their brain. This change, when combined with early school start times, could be directly linked to a teen’s change in mood and could even raise the risk of obesity over time.