Health headlines: concussion treatment conclusions and baby Prozac?

Teen smoking rate plateaus

The CDC is saying that from 2000 to 2006 smoking rates among teenagers dropped, but since then the number of young smokers has remained then same. To keep reducing the number of young smokers, officials say further restrictions on advertising, a decrease in sanctioned smoking areas and tobacco price hikes would be required.

Young concussion suffers left in the dark about next step

A new study reports that over 100,000 kids are sent to the ER every year for concussion, but many aren’t given enough information about the importance and availability of follow-up care.

Baby blues: treating depressed toddlers

Some experts say kids as young as 2 can show signs of depression and anxiety, and that early treatment leads to early cures. Others say children of that age are developing so quickly that assigning “grown up” behavioral issues is inaccurate and causes unneeded worry. The New York Times reports on an interesting topic that is being discussed more frequently in many circles.

Social media helps families with sick kids cope

Online communities found on popular social networking sites are helping sub sects of the medical community identify and support each other. Online support groups, message boards, and “wall post” updates about patients’ current medical status are all helping families of sick children trade information, hope and avoid answering countless questions on the days they don’t feel like communicating personally.

Early puberty linked to maternal connection

A new study suggests girls who grow up without a strong bond with their first caregiver are more likely to start puberty early than girls who identify closely with their mother or first care giver. The somewhat controversial study is another in a rash of recent findings that suggest American girls are entering puberty sooner than previous generations.