Health headlines: Bullying, MDs in movies + an ACL breakthrough


Catch up with the latest news about Boston Children’s Hospital. One doctor talks about being portrayed in a popular movie, while another focuses on talking to kids about bullying, and a team reveals a potential breakthrough in ACL surgery.

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Checking on Bullying at the Doctor’s Officebullying_samantha

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Jessica Tsai writes a The New York Times “Well” blog about bullying, explaining that despite being pressed for time during patient visits, she makes it a point to ask patients if they are being made fun of or bullied at school.

Meet Samantha, and see how she’s overcoming bullying.


Annabel Beam _cropWhere medicine and miracles meet

The Boston Globe interviews Boston Children’s Dr. Samuel Nurko about what it was like to be portrayed in the major motion picture, “Miracles from Heaven.” The movie tells the story of Boston Children’s patient, Annabel Beam, who was treated by Nurko for pseudo-obstruction. spoke with Nurko, too.

Learn more about Annabel.


A Potential Breakthrough in ACL Surgery

The Wall Street Journal reports that Boston Children’s Drs. Martha Murray and Lyle Micheli have seen encouraging results in the first phase of their Bridge-enhanced ACL repair (BEAR) procedure – a first-of-its-kind surgery that encourages the ACL to repair itself.Bridge-enhanced ACL repair

Corey Peak, the first patent to ever received the BEAR procedure, is back to his active lifestyle a year after surgery, with a healthy and strong ACL. The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Popular Science, Boston Magazine, R&D Magazine, WCVB channel 5, WBZ channel 4, NECN and WHDH channel 7 report on the innovative new approach.

See why Corey decided to be first to have this surgery.