Health headlines: Binge drinking, Wii workout games and CPR

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Read one father’s story on how he became an advocate for safer teen driving. Check out these safe driving tips for your teen. [Read about the dangers of drowsy driving.]

Advertising guilt doesn’t curb binge drinking. Teen alcohol and marijuana use is on the rise. [A recent teen drug survey predicted this.] Young people who smoke marijuana for long periods of time are more likely to risk psychosis.

Despite studies proving otherwise, some parents still believe that vaccines cause autism. Gene therapy is closer to restoring eyesight to blind patients. [Read about how a novel surgery saves one baby’s vision.] A blood test can help sort out milk allergies. [Watch Brett go through a milk exposure desensitization trial.]

Screening athletes could prevent sudden deaths. [Read a Children’s cardiologist’s views on screening athletes for heart disease.] Check out this list of the best Wii workout games. Educational videos don’t help babies learn. [Read about Disney giving refunds on Baby Einstein videos.]

A new study suggests that BPA may raise the risk of asthma in kids. [Read what every parent needs to know about BPA.] Household dirt won’t raise the asthma risk in infants. Childhood cancer survivors are at an increased risk of bladder tumors.

Kids are snacking about three times a day. [Take a look at these healthy snacking tips for kids.] Sleep habits determine fat gain in younger adults. [Does sleeping late keep your kids slim?] Obese kids are more prone to certain injuries.

Amazingly, bullying numbers are down. [How can you address bullying?] The House voted to protect students against abusive discipline. Mouth-to-mouth CPR is better for kids.