Happy Mother’s Day from Thriving

Being a mom means being a master of many skills. To succeed, you need to be a good listener, a quality teacher and, in some cases, you’ll need the speed of an Olympic athlete with the reflexes of a cat just to keep up with the kids.

And when the little ones get sick, the moms I know can transform into both nurse and doctor in an instant, tending to their children with compassion and care that rivals that of any medical professional.

No one understands this more than the patient families of Boston Children’s Hospital. In honor of Mother’s Day, I spent some time with a few of our patients and their mothers and asked the children what they’ll be celebrating this Sunday:

 “I love my mom with all my heart. She makes me chicken noodle soup when I don’t feel good and takes me shopping when I do!”Victoria, 6

“This Mother’s Day I’m thankful for all my mom does for me, like cooking my favorite foods like chicken and rice. I also like planting with her.” –Axel, 12

 “My mom is such a great supporter of me. When I need her, she has my back and I’m lucky to have her.” –Justin, 14

“My mom was very nice when I was in the hospital. She made sure I got good food to eat and she read me my favorite book, ‘The Monster and the Kid.'” -Christian, 6

“I love my mommy, and I love it when she makes me broccoli to eat!” –Sophia, 4

“My mom is really helpful when it comes to supporting me and helping me with all my homework. Thanks Mom!” –Shalandra, 12

 “I am going to give my mom a big smooch on Mother’s Day!” –Aiden, 4  

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom readers out there–you deserve it!

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  1. Awww…how cute! This is a beautiful post for Mother’s Day! My mom is going to love what I have planned for her this weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

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