Happy Memorial Day!

Backyard BarbequeIf your family is like a lot of Americans, you’ll spend the better part of today barbequing. Before you fire up the grill, here’s some interesting BBQ related information to consider.

New research from Kansas State University reports that putting certain spices on your meat before you cook it could lessen the risk of some cancers agents which have long been linked to cooking beef.

Fingerroot, rosemary and tumeric appear to have the most success when it comes to preventing the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs), the cancer-causing compounds produced in beef when it’s cooked. According to the study, the three spices were reported to fight HCA production by as much as 40 percent.

baby gets hotdogHot dogs are synonymous with baseball games and back yard parties, but they’re also tied to a much less favorable topic— choking hazards. According to American Academy of Pediatricspolicy statement on food hazards hot dogs are among the most dangerous foods for kids younger than 4 years-old. The AAP recommends parents should first cut the hot dog in two separate directions before serving them to young kids; first cut them lengthwise all the way down, and then across the middle into more manageable bites. Only cutting hot dogs horizontally into nickel sized cylinders—without the lengthwise slit—can make them more likely to get stuck in the throats of smaller children. Or you could always buy one of these from a manufacturer like toddlerbites. Enjoy and be safe this Memorial Day!

hot dog cutter