Halloween- Boston Children’s style

It’s safe to say that Halloween is the most child friendly of all the holidays. So, being the largest provider of health care to children in Massachusetts, it’s only natural that Boston Children’s pulls out all the stops every October 31. To do so our Child Life specialists set up trick-or-treating stations for patients whose hospitalization keeps them from going door to door.

Maureen Simoncini, whose infant son Brody has been at Boston Children’s for the past 233 days, especially appreciated this year’s festivities because it allowed her family to appreciate Halloween together.

“Brody’s older brother Jameson wouldn’t have gotten to spend the holiday with his kid brother without this,” she says. “You only get so many Halloweens as a kid. Knowing that Jameson wasn’t denied that fun because we were looking after Brody in the hospital means so much to our family.”

Jameson and Brody enjoy trick-or-treating together at Boston Children's

Much of this year’s candy was donated by UNREAL Candy, a Boston-based company looking to “unjunk” sweets, by creating healthier candy options.