Great weekend for swimming, do you know pediatric CPR?

If your child's a swimmer it's recommended you take an CPR class from a licensed professional

Even though it’s only been warm for a few weeks, Children’s Hospital Boston’s Emergency Department (ED) has already treated several young patients for near drowning, and, sadly, there have already been many drownings nationwide, including the 2 year-old son of former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham, who drown in the family’s backyard hot tub. In an effort to reduce drownings and near-drownings, Thrive asked Josh Farber-Sault, RN, a nurse in our ED, to show parents how to perform pediatric CPR in an emergency.

While it’s good for parents to watch and learn from Josh’s video, it’s important to note that viewing it doesn’t constitute formal CPR training. Any parent or caregiver who plans on having their child around water this summer is strongly recommended to take an official CPR training course. Please visit Children’s Basic Life Support website, which contains information on how to sign up for the American Heart Association Heartsaver pediatric first aid course. You can’t ever fully guarantee your child will be safe from water accidents, but you can make sure you’re as prepared as possible to handle an emergency situation should one happen.