Giving the gift of life: WBZ-TV shares the story of Charlotte Kelly

Charlotte Kelly is battling neuroblastoma

WBZ-TV yesterday shared the story of Charlotte Kelly, a 3-year-old Children’s patient who is battling stage IV neuroblastoma. The chemotherapy used to treat Charlotte’s cancer destroys the platelets in her blood, so she needs regular transfusions to replace them. Her mother’s colleagues from the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston gave the greatest holiday gift this week when they came to Children’s Blood Donor Center to donate platelets for Charlotte.

As you’re giving gifts this year, don’t forget to give the ones, like blood and platelets, that don’t cost a dime but help kids like Charlotte every day at Children’s and places like it around the world.

One thought on “Giving the gift of life: WBZ-TV shares the story of Charlotte Kelly

  1. *comments taken from Children’s Facebook fan page*

    Philomena Juliano-Greco
    being a teacher myself and caring I could understand the teacher doing this kindness.Give the teacher a A+

    Shoshana Dayan
    How can I give blood to this child,,,I live in CA???

    Karin Mathias Garrett
    My cousins daughter!! God Bless those people

    Sarah Greene
    thats wonderful

    Carol Rita Sylvia
    Wish I could donate-I have a rare blood type, but also had Hep A as a child! So frustrating!

    Jean Perkins
    We all give in different ways…I know of a little girl who is Sadie’s age (7) and since she (Athena) was 3 we have been collecting tabs on soda and beer cans to help defray the cost off her treatments…we all do what we can…

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