Children's patient gives back

Remember Amy Rucki? She’s the high school student who survived a brain tumor after extensive care at Children’s Hospital Boston. Her 8 hour procedure to remove the tumor was filmed for ABC’s medical documentary series Boston Med, but the footage never made it on TV. But as Amy’s strong recovery proves, she’s resilient; it took more than a trip to the cutting room floor to stop her from sharing her inspirational story with the world. The 17 year-old wrote an amazing blog post for Thrive, giving our readers insight to what it’s like to be a neurosurgery survivor at such a young age, and provide hope for other families dealing with surgery and hospitalization.

Now that she’s on the mend Amy is volunteering at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, working with kids and teenagers who are also on the road to recovery. As a high school senior she’s gearing up for college and says the care she received at Children’s has inspired her to go into the medical field. She’s currently looking into nursing programs at local colleges and getting excited about the possibilities the future holds for her. Here’s a video update on Amy’s status, her volunteering efforts and plans for the future. We couldn’t be more proud, please join us in saying, “thanks for giving back Amy!”