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Jorge Medina-Barreto has taken a proactive role in bettering his health
Jorge Medina-Barreto has taken a proactive role in bettering his health

Being a teenager can be rough. Simultaneously dealing with school, peer pressure and puberty can leave many young people feeling like forces outside their control are running their lives. But Jorge Medina-Barreto, a peer leader in the Adolescent Services Program at Martha Eliot Health Center, has taken a new path towards self-empowerment: improving his health through cooking and exercise.

Medina-Barreto has been dealing with weight gain for the past 6 years, but the summer before his freshman year he decided that instead of letting it control him he’d take an active role in managing his weight. By implementing a few changes in his exercise routine, and being a bigger participant in his own meal preparation, Medina-Barreto has lost over 10 pounds and developed an interest in cooking along the way.

In addition to the health benefits of his new activities, Medina-Barreto’s self-driven dedication to maintaining a healthy weight enhances his role as peer leader and positive role model for younger kids in his community. To learn more about Jorge, the peer leadership program at the Martha Eliot Health Center and get some great tips from Medina-Barreto on healthier eating and exercise, please read his full story on the Healthy Family Fun Website.

Healthy Family Fun is a campaign sponsored by Children’s Hospital Boston and Kohl’s Department Stores, developed with the input of community members and professionals in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, to promote fun, low-cost, family-oriented activities and healthier living.

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