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Happy National Dance Day! For those of you who don’t watch So you think you can Dance?, National Dance Day is the brainchild of the show’s creator, started in an effort to get more Americans up off the couch and enjoying the physical and therapeutic benefits of dancing. I may not be much a dancer myself, (I’ve got two left feet and about as much natural rhythm as wet paper towel), but even I can appreciate the sentiment behind National Dance Day.

In honor of the event, check out this amazing video about the Adaptive Dance Program, which is collaboration between Children’s Hospital Boston and the Boston Ballet. Spearheaded by Mickey Cassella Kulak, PT, director of Children’s Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy, the Adaptive Dance Program puts kids with Down syndrome on stage where they can dance together, twirl, twist, laugh and beam with pride.

3 thoughts on “Dance therapy

  1. As a dance teacher and owner of my own studio it seemed natural that my daughter would dance. However she was a very sick child with gastro intestinal issues that would make her very ill. At age 7 she was finally diagnosed by doctors at Childrens Hospital Boston with Superior Mesentary Artery Syndrome SMA, she was hospitalized a lot and endured 3 major surgeries. Like Tayla dance was her love and she was determined not to let her illness stop her. It became her therapy too. Now she is 24 and holds a Masters Degree in Choreography from Laban Institute of Dance, London England. I am so proud of her. I now see her working wth young students as a compassionate teacher who can encourage them and make them believe that they too can do anything.

  2. I am moved!  Kudos to everyone involved – including the Kids!

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