Children’s in the news reports on a study published online in BMC Medicine led by Children’s William Bosl, PhD, and Charles Nelson, PhD, that analyzed the brain’s electrical activity during infancy to see if it could determine whether a baby might be at higher risk of developing autism. Good Morning America featured the study on a segment. and U.S.News & World Report covered the study as well.


Time features the topic of chronic pain and the complexities that go along with trying to treat it. Children’s Clifford Woolf, MD, BCh, PhD, explains that the best form of treatment is to prevent the pain as a disease, rather than targeting the suppression of it as a symptom.

______________________________________________________ interviews Children’s Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS, CIO, about the hospital and the implementation of electronic medical records by the hospital and the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s.


Children’s Michael Young, MD, answers the questions of Dedham school administrators and parents about food allergies at a community meeting.

______________________________________________________ reports on new research from Children’s Charles Berde, MD, PhD, and collaborators that finds patients given a new local anesthetic derived from algae had significantly less postoperative pain and recovered about two days sooner than those given the commonly used local anesthetic.


Dr. Fynn-Thompson

Children’s Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, was featured on Style Boston TV’s “Power Player” segment, which aired on WCVB-TV. The segment focused on Fynn-Thompson’s pediatric cardiac work in the West African nation of Ghana.