Children's final episode on Boston Med

Last night, the final episode of Boston Med featuring Children’s Hospital Boston aired. Over the past two months, the show introduced America to many of the hospital’s inspiring patients, families and health care providers. One such provider is Joshua Nagler, MD, the emergency department doctor featured on last night’s show. In the following video, Nagler talks about why he feels it’s important the world sees the critical work done in emergency departments, and explains his initial reluctance to be on camera. Fortunately for this camera-shy doc, the fast pace of life in an emergency department gave him little time to think about it.

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James Mandell, MD, chief executive officer at Children’s, introduces some of the Children’s families that were featured in the series and shares his hope that by allowing cameras inside the hospital, the public will gain a clearer understanding of the inner workings of life here.

The first Children’s family to be featured on Boston Med, the Peerless family deal with the difficult news that their baby will be born with a complex congenital heart defect (CHD).The drama is especially high, as the baby’s father is an active duty solider serving overseas.

After performing a life-saving surgery on a teenage patient, Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, discuss what it was like to work in front of ABC’s cameras.

Sara Dumas, a teenage patient at Children’s, shares what it was like to undergo a major medical procedure and lengthy hospital stay–with camera crews capturing it all.

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  1. Great set of articles and video feed. Thanks for posting as it provides some additional insight into the inner workings of the hospital and its overall philosophy.

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