Celebrating parents: “You are doing a great job”

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Many patients and families spend hours, days and sometimes weeks in our halls and in our care—Linda and her son, Christos included.

Christos, 17, is a medically complex child who has had many admissions lasting two weeks or more.

During a recent admission, Linda was inspired by a post written by mother and writer Lexi Behrndt. The post, she says, is a source of hope and a reminder that parents “are not alone.”

“When Christos is hospitalized, I sometimes walk the halls to try and relax,” Linda says. “I see other Moms, the look on their faces trying to be strong. I see them talking to the doctors trying to understand what it all means. I see some crying. Sometimes I just want to hug them and say ‘I understand.'”

Parents are on the frontline. You are researchers and advocates. You are compassionate and love unconditionally. You sit bedside and wipe away tears and carry your children through their medical journey.

To honor parents near and far, Lexi is kindly sharing her experiences with our Thriving readers.

20150429_BrandShoot-104I’ve seen you in those hospital rooms. I’ve seen you hand your child off to surgeons, not knowing if you would ever get to hold them again with a beating heart.

I’ve seen you pray, hope, and hold on to faith with a sheer will that would put most to shame.

I’ve seen you hold your babies with tears streaming down your face because this kind of sickness isn’t the kind that just comes and goes, this is the kind where no one can assure you that your child is going to be okay.

You fight for your children when they can’t fight for themselves.

You hope for them and you stay positive for them, and then run to the bathroom just to cry in the stall where they can’t see. You research and talk to doctors and talk to other parents to find the best possible treatment plans and solutions to give the best life to your child. 

You go to the places no one wants to go. You know a side of the world that most would like to pretend doesn’t exist. You call your children’s hospital your home away from home, and while the rest of the world may find that sad, you see the hope.

It’s the place that gives your child a chance at life.

15010_08704 (1)I see you, momma. And you are loving that child unconditionally, just as you should. You are standing beside them come hell or high waters, and you are doing a good job. You are giving them the best.

You are their cheerleader. You are their smile maker. You are the one that knows their favorite songs and favorite toys. You are the one that knows how to calm them down, how to hold them, how to love them best.

Keep on doing what you are doing, loving that kid no matter what.

You are doing a great job.

Lexi Behrndt

About the blogger: Lexi Behrndt is a mom of two and a writer. She began writing her blog Scribbles and Crumbs after her son Charlie passed away in October 2014. Her work has been featured on the Washington Post, Huffington Post and ABCNews.