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Give the gift of reading and compassion

Girl reading book

More and more, children’s book authors are featuring characters in their books who are challenged with physical and emotional conditions. With so many kids either managing these disabilities themselves, or becoming familiar with these conditions through others, it can be enlightening for young people to experience life through the eyes of complex characters who aren’t defined by their disability.

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Your child and chronic pain: How to ‘dial down’ the agony

Mom comforts teenage daughter who has chronic pain

Sheer panic. It’s all I can remember.

Out of the blue, while enjoying his morning snack one day, my toddler started having seizures. And they didn’t stop. It was terrifying. He was admitted to the intensive care unit. Between seizures he was scared, flailing on the hospital bed, totally out of control. I wanted desperately to help soothe him but didn’t know quite what to do. My first intuition was to distract him. I remember grabbing a jungle pop-up book out of my diaper bag and springing the pictures open right in front of his face to block out all the doctors scurrying about. I made loud roaring sounds like a tiger to drown out all the scary medical noise. It didn’t help.

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Genetic cancer risk: Should your child be tested?

A doctor examines a toddler in the office
Dr. Junne Kamihara examines a patient [PHOTO: SAM OGDEN/DANA FARBER]

If your child could be at risk for cancer, the sooner you discover that risk, the more you can do to prevent cancer or catch it in an early stage. Not every child needs to be tested, so it’s important to learn what genetic testing is and whether it’s the right decision for you and your child.

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Grateful for a healthy baby and a guardian angel doctor

We all have things to be grateful for. If we are lucky, there will be many points in our lives when we will feel gratitude. Any parent with a child in Boston Children’s Hospital can understand that there have been days when we were grateful just for a healthy baby. On days that wasn’t true, we remember praying for a guardian angel who could help our son. Late in the summer of 2017, our prayers were answered when we met Dr. Jamie Heath, a neurologist from Boston Children’s, who diagnosed his rare medical condition and rescued him with a novel treatment approach. Today our son is a healthy toddler and we owe much of that to Dr. Heath. Not only did she give us the best gift, she inspired us to give back.

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