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Edleigh’s story: A repaired mitral valve, a happy toddler

Eddie, who had heart valve surgery, poses with her stuffed dog Prudence

Edleigh “Eddie” Plaisted is only 15 months old, but already cares for her own ward of patients, including Whalen, Ruffus and Prudence. Her stuffed animals are in good hands — Eddie has spent enough time around doctors and nurses to know how to keep her charges happy.

Eddie’s own medical care began before she was even born, when she was diagnosed prenatally with several congenital heart defects at her local hospital in Minnesota.

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Forever grateful: Finding the best epilepsy doctors for my son

James, who had surgery for seizures, poses for his first day of third gradeWhen James arrived at 3 pounds, 15 ounces and 15 inches long, he stole my heart. He wrapped his tiny fingers around my own and I hoped he would never let go. He met all of his milestones, with the exception of being a little behind in his speech. We were about to put him in speech therapy when we learned he had a much bigger problem.

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Grateful for a healthy baby and a guardian angel doctor

We all have things to be grateful for. If we are lucky, there will be many points in our lives when we will feel gratitude. Any parent with a child in Boston Children’s Hospital can understand that there have been days when we were grateful just for a healthy baby. On days that wasn’t true, we remember praying for a guardian angel who could help our son. Late in the summer of 2017, our prayers were answered when we met Dr. Jamie Heath, a neurologist from Boston Children’s, who diagnosed his rare medical condition and rescued him with a novel treatment approach. Today our son is a healthy toddler and we owe much of that to Dr. Heath. Not only did she give us the best gift, she inspired us to give back.

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Team Irvin: Care for cerebral palsy helps him reach his goals

teen with cerebral palsy gives a thumbs up with his doctor
Boomer is a legendary thunderbird. Paws is a scruffy, fun-loving dog. Nestor is a friendly owl. But these three different characters have one thing in common: They’re all the alter-egos of Irvin Rodriguez. At just 13, Irvin is enjoying a burgeoning career as a professional mascot, representing sports teams near his home in Western Massachusetts.

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