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The healthy holiday guide for families

Family celebrating healthy holiday meal

Holiday gatherings are for family, friends and … food. No matter which holidays you celebrate, they’re sure to include delicious treats — some healthy, most not. It may seem nearly impossible to always practice healthy eating habits, but there are some things you and your kids can do to stay on course this holiday season.

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Why you should only use antibiotics if truly necessary

Four ways that antibiotics can cause real problems

Let’s be honest: most parents feel better when their sick child is prescribed an antibiotic.

There’s just something so reassuring about having a prescription. It’s hard to feel like all you can do is wait and give your child TLC; it feels better to do something. Even when the doctor says that your child has a virus, and explains that antibiotics treat bacteria, not viruses, it’s common for parents to think: but what if there is even a little chance that there is a bacterial infection along with — or instead of — the virus? It can’t hurt to be safe, right?

But that’s the thing: it can hurt. Here are four ways that antibiotics can cause real problems.

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Kids and the flu shot: What parents need to know

flu shot

Every year, thousands of children are hospitalized with the flu. The best way to protect your children from the flu is to get them vaccinated. Many parents have questions about whether or not their child needs a flu shot, which vaccine to get, and where to get it.

Primary and specialty care providers at Boston Children’s Hospital have answers to questions about the flu shot and can help make it easier for parents to get their children vaccinated.

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Inflammatory bowel disease: 6 tips for a new school year

A new school year presents a lot of new opportunities like new teachers, new subjects and the possibility of new friends. But that newness also comes with a good degree of uncertainty, which can be frightening for a student with a chronic illness, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). That anxiety can be especially strong if the diagnosis is new, and the upcoming school year will be your child’s first with IBD.

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