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Worth the fight: Finding care for short bowel syndrome

smiling baby with short bowel syndrome

When Hannah Lillie meets someone new, she’s likely to smile and blow them a big kiss. The friendly, wide-eyed toddler loves being the center of attention — but when she was just 3 weeks old, she and her parents, Layne and Ryan, found themselves in the middle of a medical whirlwind they could never have expected. When she suddenly began vomiting and turning blue during a routine feeding, her parents rushed to their local emergency department.

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Reflux in babies: Four things to know

mother holding baby with reflux

Most adults are familiar with gastroesophageal reflux, or the movement of stomach contents up into the esophagus. For us, reflux is usually caused by lifestyle choices, such as eating heavy, fatty foods, smoking or drinking too much coffee. In grownups, unmistakable symptoms like heartburn and burping are signs of acid reflux.

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From frustration to freedom: My journey with hemophilia A

Donovan Guerrero is thriving with hemophilia thanks to a clinical trial

I was diagnosed with hemophilia A at 4 days old. My parents had no idea what it was, but they discovered that my mom was a carrier. They brought me to the Boston Hemophilia Center. It helped them to learn about hemophilia together with other families going through the same thing.

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Organ donation: Sorting myths from facts

donate life month

Every April, the Pediatric Transplant Center at Boston Children’s Hospital honors Donate Life Month by raising awareness and celebrating lives saved because of organ donation. Part of raising awareness involves addressing the many myths and misconceptions that surround the process. For example, the majority of Americans support organ donation, but only 58 percent actually register to become an organ donor. That’s likely due in part to misinformation about organ donation. Here’s the truth behind six common myths.

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