Catching up with Vinny “The Conqueror”

Vinny “The Conqueror” and his father Mike

We are honored U.S. News & World Report has named the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Heart Center  the #1 pediatric heart program in the U.S. As we celebrate this honor, we’re reflecting on some of the greatest children’s stories ever told — stories of the patients and families whose lives touch ours and inspire us.

One of those patients is Vinny Arico.toddler-HLHS

We first met Vinny in February, almost six months after he had life-saving heart surgery for hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) as a newborn. We caught up with his parents, Laura and Mike Arico, to see how he’s doing.

“Vinny is terrific,” says Laura. “He is almost one year old and is a happy and healthy little boy. Every checkup we have with the Heart Center is encouraging, and as of now, he is not on any heart medication. He is healing very well. The left side of his heart actually looks to be of normal size.”

Vinny’s parents have held yearly fundraisers for the hospital since before Vinny was born, but this year, their efforts were extra special. “We had a great turnout and were very proud of that,” Laura says.

Vinny has already been enjoying his first New England summer. He loves going to the beach for day trips and visiting the animals at Franklin Park Zoo.

Bigger plans are ahead as well. The Aricos are preparing for a move  outside of Boston. “Although we will miss the city,” says Laura, “we are looking forward to our new family home.”

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