Catching the lightning

Epilepsy is a disease that remains stubbornly bewildering—to the nearly three million Americans who have it and the doctors who treat it. In some cases, it can be traced to an underlying disease, injury or brain malformation. But in most cases, its origins are a mystery. And whepilepsy_02ile many new epilepsy medications have come on the market, the percentage of people whose seizures can be controlled by drugs remains stubbornly unchanged: two thirds.

Read about one such patient in Children’s Epilepsy Program who had brain surgery to stop her seizures.

One thought on “Catching the lightning

  1. Thank you for a very informative article on Gwen’s surgery for epilepsy. This is very hopeful that so many might have seizure freedom from intractible seizures. The article did an excellent job in explaining the process from the family’s perspective as well as the epilepsy team’s.

    Learning more about other possible treatments for epilepsy would be beneficial as well.

    People with epilepsy can also be contributing members even if they cannot drive or get straight A’s. While it is wonderful that Qwen will have this opportunity, hopefully.

    Perhaps mentioning where people with epilepsy might obtain support information would have been nice to add.

    Great information. thank you

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