Boston Med to air tonight

Boston Med, the ABC News documentary series about life in three Boston hospitals, makes its debut tonight at 10 on ABC. In the following video, James Mandell, MD, chief executive officer at Children’s Hospital Boston, introduces some of the Children’s families that will be featured in the series and shares his hope that by allowing cameras inside the hospital, the public will gain a much clearer understanding of the inner workings of life at Children’s.

Reviews for Boston Med continue to pour in, all of them outstanding. Check out what the critics are saying.

New York Times: “To call “Boston Med” reality television feels like sacrilege.”

Boston Herald: “You’ve heard the saying: If you’re going to get sick, there’s no better place to be than Boston. The entire nation is about to get that prescription as ABC debuts “Boston Med,” an addictive eight-week miniseries that tracks the dedicated providers at three of the Hub’s top hospitals.”

Boston Globe: “Unless you have Munchausen syndrome, or you’re a “Grey’s Anatomy’’ addict, you probably aren’t thrilled by the sight of IV poles, exam gloves, and steel gurneys… But truly there can be something rich and lovely about hospitals, and there is something rich and lovely about ‘Boston Med.’’”

Tampa Tribune: “At last, there is a series that gives “reality TV” a good name. “Boston Med,” debuting at 10 tonight on ABC, takes viewers on an intense eight-hour journey through three of American’s greatest hospitals – all located in Boston.”

The Ottawa Citizen: “Boston Med is a fascinating, occasionally heart-wrenching docu-reality series and a follow up to 2008’s Peabody Award-winning Hopkins, in which cameras followed the day-by-day duties of doctors, nurses and orderlies in a big city hospital. The makers of Boston Med were granted access to Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Boston for the better part of a year, and result is this fine program.”