Boston Children’s, Ryan Seacrest team up to make play a priority for kids

20141103_NewLobby-8PreviewlargeBoston Children’s Hospital is proud to announce today the opening of a brand new Ryan Seacrest studio at our Longwood location. The studio’s opening marks the end of one chapter in an extensive lobby renovation project to modernize the hospital in order to make our clinics more accessible than ever and, just as importantly, ensure that kids have places to just be kids. More than anything, it’s about making time to celebrate children, both our patients and their siblings, and allowing them to feel like kids again through laughter, music and play.

Before: the opening of the Ryan Seacrest studio was over two years in the making.


After: patients and their families can enter the studio directly from our recently renovated Patient Entertainment Center


Through the generosity of the Seacrest family, which shares our passion for making play a priority, the studio will bring the magic of Hollywood, music and television to families looking for a much-needed escape. In the state-of-the-art radio and television studio, children can interview hospital guests and play deejay for a day. Kids too sick to visit the studio in person can watch interviews or play remote games through direct feeds to their room.

Before: the view from inside the studio looking out into the Patient Entertainment Center.


After: the studio overlook the recently returned musical stairs and the hospital’s new 20-foot interactive media wall.