Boston Children’s Pediatric Transplant Center in the news


Boston Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Transplant Center is always a busy place, but yesterday was a big day even by its standards. In addition to the usual buzz created by a constantly moving team of doctors, nurses, specialists and patients, the halls of the Pediatric Transplant Center echoed with the sounds of reporters, photographers and camera crews as two patients were covered by the local news.

Katy was born with a heart defect and had been waiting over two years for a compatible donor heart to be available—the longest wait time her doctor can remember. But, in an appropriate yet highly unlikely coincidence, a suitable heart became available to Katy on Valentine’s Day, the most heart-centric day of the year.


Down the hall from Katy, Hannah Swift and her family talked to a reporter from The Boston Globe. Hannah received an emergency liver transplant, even though the donor liver she received wasn’t an ideal match because of a difference in blood type. Hannah had an extremely rare procedure called an ABO incompatible liver transplant, which is only done in emergency situations.

Hannah and her mother, Carolyn, at Boston Children's. Image by Jonathan Wiggs for the Boston Globe

“We would not do this type of transplant on a more stable patient,” Pediatric Transplant Center Director, Heung Bae Kim, MD told the Boston Globe. “We all felt she just had hours to live. She was in a coma. This was it.”

Read more about Hannah in the Boston Globe.

Please join us in wishing a smooth recovery and the best of luck in the future to Hannah, Katy and their families!