Milestones made possible #becauseofadonor

There are more than 80 children currently waiting for life-saving organ transplants at Boston Children’s Hospital. The Pediatric Transplant Center team is grateful for the donors who give these kids a second chance.

Meet Maggie.

The 20-year-old received her first double-lung transplant at 4 years old and her second at 7 years old. #becauseofadonor, Maggie is able to go to college.

Meet Tom.

At 15 years old, he received a liver transplant. #becauseofadonor, Tom, now 22, is able to run the Boston Marathon.

Meet Aaron.

The 10-year-old received his heart transplant at just 1 year old. #becauseofadonor, Aaron was able to get his black belt in karate.

Tell us about your milestone made possible #becauseofadonor.