Autism documentary features experts from Children’s

Sara Lee Kessler looks at autism and its treatment at Children's

Tonight at 9 pm, NJN, New Jersey’s Public Broadcast station, will air Decoding Autism, an hour-long documentary with Emmy Award-winning journalist Sara Lee Kessler. The documentary highlights the efforts of various institutions to better understand the cause of autism, as well as improve its diagnosis and treatment.

Their efforts couldn’t come at a more crucial time. This year more children will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than with childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined.

Several of Children’s Hospital Boston’s autism experts are featured in the documentary, as well as the Montani family, who have been participating in a Children’s program studying the younger siblings of children with autism. It is believed the data could be used to improve early detection of autism, and lead to earlier treatment.

For those of us not based in New Jersey, the full program will be streaming on NJN’s website tonight at 9 as well. Tune in on TV or head to the website for a fascinating look at autism and its treatment here at Children’s.