Author: Tripp Underwood

Is it safe to give my baby probiotics for colic?

ProbioticsHaving a colicky, inconsolable baby can be one of the toughest parts of parenthood. Seeing your newborn cry and scream — without the slightest clue as to how you can help — is enough to make most moms and dads want to curl up and cry right along with the child. Making things worse, science isn’t really sure what causes colic, making a quick and simple treatment hard to find in many cases.

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Summer safety tips: The family guide

summer-safety-poolThe warm weather is finally here, which means many kids will be spending more time outside. We’ve assembled our best family safety tips for playgrounds, pools, pets and much more. Be sure to check out the entire guide, and keep it handy.

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Meet Phoebe: Swimmer, soccer player, gymnast and liver transplant recipient

Phoebe RootWhether she’s tearing across the soccer field, sticking a near perfect landing in a gymnastics routine or training for an upcoming swim meet, Phoebe Root is always on the go. As her father, David, shuttles his active 12-year-old daughter to and from meets, games and competitions, he almost can’t believe it’s the same girl who, at 8 weeks old, was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening liver disorder.

“Looking back at how sick she was, I never would have guessed our lives would end up feeling so… normal,” says David, as he drove his daughter to an afternoon swim practice. “When she was sick, we were so focused on the details of her illness that we couldn’t see the big picture. Now that we’re living in that picture, and it feels great.”

Shortly after her birth, Phoebe was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare disorder that prevents bile ducts in the liver from draining correctly, causing a potential fatal buildup of toxins in the body. The diagnosis led the Root family to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment. Once there, Phoebe’s doctors made several attempts to treat her failing liver, but no matter what they tried, nothing seemed to fully alleviate her symptoms. After six months, it was clear that her best chance at survival would be a liver transplant. She was placed on the organ donation list, and David and his wife, Amy, prepared themselves for a difficult wait in their Maine home.

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Five unexpected joys of new fatherhood

tripp may 3Becoming a dad is full of amazing moments: The first time your child smiles at you; feeling her tiny hand grip onto your thumb so tight it’s like she never wants to let go; having her fall asleep on your chest.

But there are plenty of other perks of “dad-dom” that no one talks about. And when you’re running on no sleep, too little food, and your work emails are piling up so fast that your phone actually feels heavier in your pocket, the little day-to-day bonuses make it all worthwhile. In no particular order, here are five positive side effects of parenthood I wasn’t expecting.

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