Author: Sam Bigelow

Learning from our Lotte

Lotte and her parents outside their suburban home
Sam, Lotte and Caroline

Parenting is a messy adventure – it tests our patience, our will and our energy, but never our concern, love or passion for our children.

With three kids under 10, my wife, Caroline, and I have managed broken noses, split lips, cuts and bruises too numerous to count … even Lyme disease, skin disorders, and serious fevers – most seem to come with the territory.

But there have been rare moments when one of our kids was sick and we didn’t know what was wrong or how to ease the pain, and in those moments, we felt pretty desperate. One of those times was when our 4-year-old daughter Charlotte or “Lotte” came down with a high fever when she was 10 months old. While this was not a new experience for us, the part that made us nervous was that the fever, despite Children’s Tylenol and Motrin, would not break.

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