Author: Jenny Fernandez

Volunteers are caregivers, too


At Boston Children’s Hospital, we are all part of the care team. Our President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Kevin Churchwell often says, “Whether we’re delivering care at bedside, supporting that care or pioneering what care will look like tomorrow, everyone at Boston Children’s is a caregiver.”

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Partnering with families to minimize exposure to anesthesia

David, who had a non-sedated MRI, smiles for the camera
Thanks to the Try Without Program, David was able to have an MRI without being sedated

In medicine, the best imaging can mean the difference between the right diagnosis and the wrong one. A successful treatment and an ineffective one.

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What are the most common symptoms of childhood cancer?

Girl with leukemia visits with doctor
Emma Duffin and Dr. Leslie Lehmann (PHOTO: SAM OGDEN)

Childhood cancers are very rare; in fact, they make up less than 1 percent of all cancers diagnosed annually. Therefore, there are not any regular screening tests, unless a child has an increased risk due to genetic predisposition. This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re taking a look at some of the common childhood cancer symptoms, and when parents should seek advice from a doctor.

The symptoms of childhood cancer can be difficult to recognize because they often mimic those of typical childhood illnesses, such as the common cold.

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Weight-loss surgery for teens and young adults: A good option?

Teen thinks about weight-loss surgery

Bariatric surgery, commonly known as weight-loss surgery, can be a safe and effective treatment for a teen or young adult whose obesity has persisted despite all medical efforts, and who has complications of obesity. Dr. Camilla Richmond, medical director of the Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, answers common questions about weight-loss surgery at Boston Children’s.

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