Author: Jake Shusterman

Narcolepsy is my sleepy superpower

My talent is almost more like a superpower. I have the ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever. Now I know you’re probably thinking all teenagers have this power, but trust me, I’m a little different. At any time or place, I have the ability to take a nap.

Intrigued by my power, experts and doctors conducted multiple tests and studies on me. When the results came back, it was clear I wasn’t normal. One doctor even admitted, “These are numbers I’ve never seen before.”

Developing my superpower

I first began developing my sleepy superpower in the fall of my junior year after transferring to Middlesex School. That autumn, I was eager to get to know my new teachers and peers and have them get to know me — and my year started strong both academically and socially. However, in November, my excitement quickly vanished as I began to involuntarily fall asleep in multiple classes.

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