Author: Ellen Greenlaw

Davidson: From Ohio to Boston for AVM surgery

Davidson, who had surgery to remove and AVM, poses on the lacrosse field with his sister
Davidson and his younger sister, Bella

Davidson Jump has always been a calm kid, according to his mother, Brett. So when the then 14-year-old suddenly went blind during English class in March of 2018, he didn’t panic. Instead, he asked a friend sitting nearby to walk him to the nurse’s office. He told the nurse he didn’t feel well and then had a grand mal seizure.

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Drumroll please: Our ‘Best in Care’ finalists

An older man laughs with patient at Boston Children's Hospital
Best in Care nominee, Lucilo Puello, receives a valentine from Ellie [PHOTOS: MICHAEL GODERRE/BOSTON CHILDREN’S]

This spring, one staff member or volunteer from Boston Children’s Hospital will be honored with a Patient and Family Best in Care Award. Founded by the Boston Children’s Family Partnerships Program, the Best in Care Award is a way for families to recognize staff members and volunteers who have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional care.

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Show your stripes: Living with a rare disease

Child in a zebra suit with a teddy bear

It’s Rare Disease Day, time to wear your stripes to raise awareness about rare diseases and the effect they have on patients’ lives. Just as the zebra’s stripes are unique in the animal kingdom, those with a rare disease are also unique, though not alone.

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It’s Heart Month: Give your baby’s heart a healthy start

February is American Heart Month. It’s a good time to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your heart healthy. And if you’re expecting, what better time to start thinking about your baby’s heart health?

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