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Nick: Overcoming his fears to make a difference for others

Nick, who was part of a new clinical trail for autism, walks through a field.

People decide to participate in a clinical trial for lots of reasons. For 14-year-old Nick Brown, it came down to wanting to make a difference in the world.

Diagnosed with autism at age 5, Nick has had a lifelong aversion to hospitals, and especially to needles. Yet, when his parents told him about a new clinical trial for a medication for kids with autism, he decided to give it a try.

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World Voice Day: Helping young people find their voice

Rowan, who was treated for a voice disorder, performs as the Beast on stage
Rowan performs in “Beauty and the Beast”

This World Voice Day, we share the stories of three young people who regained their voices thanks to the Voice and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Athlete’s mystery pain is low-grade glioma

Erin, who had surgery for a low-grade glioma, kicks a soccer ball during a game.

It started with muscle aches in her shoulders, almost like spasms, while she slept. The pain was awful, and nothing seemed to bring relief. But because Erin Holmberg is a varsity three-sport athlete — soccer, basketball and track — everyone assumed it was muscular pain caused by overexertion.

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